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Shopping Pay Sum total
EMS, FedExm
Yahoo! JAPAN
Parts/Repair Tackles

Customer registration
Customer registration method   This is how to register with our website.
The error at the time of
customer registration
  Please check the following error about your registration .
1) You have to fill something on "Required" space, when you register.
2) When you put your Date of Birth, Please correct turn.
   If your Date of Birth is 7th/November/1970, you have to fill "11/07/1970.
3) When you put password, It should be five or more characters.

Our system cannot display a part of Latin alphabet correctly.
Please use English character Only.

How-to shopping
How-to shopping   You have to register with our website first.
Otherwise, you cannot order through our website.
Please click the following URL.
This is how to register with our website.

Shipping cost / Sum total
I want to know Sum total.   Total price = [Goods price] + [Shipping charge] + [Handling charge]

[Goods price]
Please refer to our website.

[Shipping charge]
The method of shipping is different by the kind of Merchandise.
We decide the best shipping method from our side .

[Handling charge]
Packing materials, Insurance, etc
Shipping details   We decide the best shipping method from our side .

1)Airmail shipping
It is cheapest shipping method .
Limit weigh is up to 2000g.(Except Printed matter, magazine, etc)
But it does not hold insurance.
Furthermore, arrival of goods much takes time than EMS.
We usually use this shipping method when the total cost less than 1000JPY.

Registered mail and Air Mail (Small-Packet)
In the case of shopping of less than 5000 YEN.

2)Registered mail shipping .
It is 2nd cheapest shipping method .
it hold insurance up to 6000JPY.
Arrival of goods takes time than EMS.
We usually use this shipping method when the total cost between 1000JPY to 6000JPY.

Registered mail and Air Mail (Small-Packet)
In the case of shopping of less than 5000 YEN.

3)EMS shipping .
We think it is the best way .
We mostly use this shipping method .
It is safe, fast, and economical method .
Of course it has insurance .

EMS. Shippng cost./ 150cm or less of packing length.

4)FedEx,DHL UPS other shipping .
When the packing length more than 150cm, we use this shipping method .
So we usually use this shipping mentod when we have to ship 1 piece rod.
But it is very expensive although it usually reach to customer in 3-4 business days .

UPS, FedEx / Packing length 150cm or more.
What is a register?   We sometimes ship Merchandise by Registered mail .
Tracking search system is impossible for Registered mail .
It is like a simple reference number.
We will guarantee all of your payment , even if baggage is lost in the middle of transportation.
Please don't worry about it .
Delivery time
  You usually can receive goods in 7 business days after shipping from Japan .
However, it may be overdue because of inspection of customhouse in your country.
All we can do is only waiting.
Please understand this situation .
If you are waiting for a long time, please contact us once .

EMS : about 4 business days to 2 weeks
Cargo (FedEx,UPS etc) : 3 business days to 2 weeks .
Delivery time
Registered mail
Air Mail (Small-Packet)
  Registered mail : about 7 business days to 3 weeks
Airmail : about 7 business days to 3 weeks

A PayPal invoice does not come.   We will send the invoice to you after we receive your on-line order .
The shipping charge is calculated after we receive your on-line order .
Please wait for the formal Invoice from us for a while .
If you have no e-mail from us in a few days, please contact us .

You will receive mail including a PayPal link.
About a credit card   Our credit card payment system has tied up with ZEUS credit card settlement service.
ZEUS customer supports correspond 24 hours a day, 7days a week.
Please contact to Zero customer support.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone number 81 3-3498-6200 (or +81 03-3498-6200 )
Credit card privacy   We cannot know your credit card information.
We can know only your name and e-mail address.
This can be called system safe for a customer.
Your credit card information which was not received this time is not used.
Please be not worried.
The credit card in USD, EUR   About "The difference in the indicated price by the difference of a rate ".
As you know , a rate changes every day.
We apply to a credit card company by Yen balance.
Therefore, it is paid from your credit card by the exchange rate which a credit card company uses.
It may differ from my Invoice.
Please understand the situation beforehand.
Bank transfer   We will send the invoice to you after we receive your on-line order .
Please wait for the formal Invoice from us .

The account only for Japanese Yen, EUR, and US$.
[Banking information required for telegraphic transfer]

A/C No. [679-1578963]
BANK CODE [0001]

Plarse always quote our Bank's branch name and our account number in your future remittance to us.
The minimum of bank transfer   Less than a total of 50000 YEN of items cannot be paid by bank transfer.
International postal money order   We will send the invoice to you after we receive your on-line order .
Please wait for the formal Invoice from us .
But pease check first whether you can pay it from your country .

[The delivery address of the international money order]
[Name] Fishing shop OGAWA. Attn Toshirou Ogawa
[Postal code] 850-0995
[Address] Hirayama machi 1096 Nagasaki city JAPAN
[Telephone] +81 95-878-1301

It is not WesternUnion.
Please check that this is International postal money order (pink color sheet).
This is not money order (green color sheet)

Yahoo! JAPAN Auction
I heard that it could bid at a Yahoo Japan auction.   About Japan Yahoo auction
We can offer a bid instead of you.
However, be careful of the following item.

1) Winner bid : The price which you presented.
2) Handling charge : A commission for us to pay to a seller (JPY200---JPY550)
3) Shipping charges : Shipping charges for a seller to ship to us (It different with items.)(From at least JPY300)
4) Our commission : 10% ( It is 10% to the above-mentioned item of 1 to 3.)
5) Shipping charges : From us to you.
6) Handling charge : It different with how to pay you.

Since various commissions are required, if you want to buy it at a low price, requesting to us is unsuitable.
However, if you do not make a charge a problem, we can offer a bid instead of you.

Parts / Repair
I want to order parts.   Please contact me by e-mail .
It is helpful if you know the formal model name, parts number .
If you cannot see the schematic, we can send it by e-mail .
Unfortunately , oversea model cannot be supplied .
The delivery schedule of the order containing parts   The parcel is shipped on Friday, when the order has include reel parts.
Delivery of the parts from makers is 1 time per week.
It is shipped to Wednesday every week and arrives on Friday to our shop.
In order to be shipped to Wednesday, an order must be placed by Tuesday.
I want to repair a reel.   You can send your reel back to us .
Please contact to us by e-mail .
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
After we receive your reel, we will ship it to the factory of the maker .
If the maker find some problem inside the reel, they will repair or exchange some parts .
We will know the repair cost at that time .
The repair cost of a rod   Almost Japanese rods have guarantee .
It is valid in 1 year after you purchase .
If you break a rod, you can exchange the part using the guarantee card .
Guarantee price is changed by each rod .
So guarantee is not FREE.
Please understand this situation .

What is CI4 ?
  CI4 means Carbon, Interfusion, 4 (The number of atomic value).
It is the original new materials of SHIMANO.
The material is famous for the part of bicycle.
It is lighter and stronger than Magnesium.
You can jerk with this reel without tiredness.
What is ZAION ?
  When it says simply, it is high-density carbon resin.
Other Material is as follows.
Aluminum ......Rigidity is No. 1 and easy to processing.
It is hard to corrode it.
Magnesium .....It is light and hard.
But it is easy to corrode it.
Commodity plastics .........It is not corroded.
Cost performance is No.1

The rigidity of ZAION material is as strong as Aluminum and Magnesium.
Carbon resin is contained in this material .
It holds intensity equivalent to a metal body.
Furthermore, it is lighter than Commodity plastics.
DAIWA's Reel Gear   Digi gear : The gear produced in digital analysis (Catalina)
Digi gear Ⅱ: have power rather than Digi gear and smooth feeling (Certate,Certate 3500HD)
Hyper Digi gear : same as Digi gear Ⅱ but has more durability (saltiga,Certate Hyper custom)
Machine cut Digi gear Ⅱ: has more power rather than Digi gear Ⅱ and smooth feeling (EXIST)

If we think durability, Digi gear Ⅱ is No.1.
Weak point is "Heavy weight".

I have not received the reply from PLAT.   We usually return e-mail in a day , if you send me an e-mail .
If you don't receive our e-mail, your e-mail may not arrive to us.
Please confirm our e-mail address .
Or you may block our reply e-mail from your side .
Please check a setup of your e-mail system.
Codice Fiscale   Codice Fiscale (16 caratteri), necessario per lo sdoganamento della merce.